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AEEX | Dongfangcity Holding Group Berhad successfully listed on AEEX and officially launched its listing in the US

2019-01-14 04:39:04


Dongfangcity Global Conference


On January 13, 2019, Malaysia Dongfangcity Holding Group Berhad (hereinafter referred to as“Dongfangcity”) held a grand global conference in Malaysia to announce its successful listing on AEEX and officially launch the plan of listing in the United States. As Dongfangcity’s professional global listing service provider, Ms. Gao Song, Chairman of the Asia Equity Exchange Group, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as“AEEX”), together with Mr. Chen Bin, Vice Chairman of the Greater China Region of AEEX, President of International Business of AEEX witnessed the greatness of Dongfangcity!

At the press conference, Mr. Chen Bin, Vice Chairman of the Greater China Region of AEEX, President of International Business of AEEX delivered a speech, providing suggestions and strategic planning for the listing of Dongfangcity, expatiated on the future scene of the listing of Dongfangcity in the US and witnessed the future development of  Dongfangcity. At the same time, he introduced the history of the AEEX with its recent achievements, received attention and recognition from all walks of life.


Mr. Chen Bin, Vice Chairman of the Greater China Region of AEEX, President of International Business of AEEX


Ms. Gao Song, Chairman of the AEEX and Dato' Dr. Li Wei, Chairman of Dongfangcity


Dongfangcity is a large-scale cultural tourism development group integrating Malaysian cultural tourism resources under the background of all-regional tourism, in accordance with the strategic thinking of "developing big tourism, forming big group and forming big industry", and the principle of "mass entrepreneurship, joining the world, government leading, department linkage and market operation". It is a large cultural tourism development group integrating Oriental culture, business operation, tourism development, creative experience and real scene restoration.


Dongfangcity Global Conference


The listing on AEEX, marks the beginning of Dongfangcity's capital operation and the new development pattern and a substantial developmental strength has formed for bigger and stronger enterprise, as well as facilitates the company's use of capital to promote deepening reform of enterprises, standardizes business management, improves corporate management, enhances brand influence and core competitiveness of the industry, ultimately promotes the company's benign and sustainable development.


With the assistance of AEEX, wish Dongfangcity could list in the US capital market as soon as possible!


After the Conference, Mr. Chen Bin of AEEX was interviewed by Ms Zhou Haina, President of international public relations of Dongfangcity.


Mr. Chen Bin of AEEX was interviewed by Ms Zhou Haina, President of international public relations of Dongfangcity.


The following is the interview transcript:


Zhou Haina: Hello, I am Zhou Heina. In today's interview , I am very pleased to invite Mr. Chen Bin, Vice Chairman of the Greater China Region of AEEX, President of International Business of AEEX. Thank you for accepting my interview during your busy schedule. I will thank you on behalf of the Dongfangcity!


Zhou Haina: Could you please introduce AEEX to us?


Chen Bin: Asia Equity Exchange Group, Inc. “AEEX” is a professional platform providing comprehensive financial services for enterprises and investors in the Asia-Pacific region. It is a US-listed company that helps enterprises build up firmly connection with international capital market and provide strategic management as well. Since its establishment, AEEX has coached dozens of companies of various sizes and industries successfully listed in the international capital market.


AEEX has a three-in-one professional service team in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and the United States, as well as a strong team of American professional lawyers and audit teams, such as Friedman LLP and HUNTER TAUBMAN FISCHER & LI LLC. They can accurately grasp the latest information on the market, ensure that customers receive the latest information and make adjustment for the best environment.

Zhou Haina: What are the advantages of Dongfangcity listing in the United States?


Chen Bin: By listing in the United States, Dongfangcity could:

1. obtain the access to the capital market and become an international public listed company;

2. could gather senior management talent;

3. allows companies and all investors to get the most out of their capital;

4. conduct securitization of corporate assets for better financing;

5. use Capital instruments such as mergers and acquisitions in order to make enterprises develop rapidly and become a representative cultural tourism leader in the world.


Zhou Haina: Could you please tell us how AEEX will help Dongfangcity list in the United States?

Chen Bin: A total of three steps. The first step is to register on AEEX Service Platform and become a member.

The listing service will be launched. The services include: Equity Anaysis

, Equity Structure Design, Asset consolidation, Financing Guidance, Listing Guidance, Stock Quotation, Investment & Financing Matching, Company Display & Branding, etc.


The second step is to start the AEEX listing service. 


After discussing with experts how to maximize the benefits of member investment, we initially decided to buy a shell in the OTC Markets, since it is the shortest, lowest cost, zero risk listing method. After one year in OTC Markets, once Dongfangcity meets the requirements of the main board of the NYSE or Nasdaq, Dongfangcity could complete the uplist within 90 days.


The stock number of securities traded on the OTC market is about three-quarters of the total US securities, that’s why OTC Markets is the world's largest OTC stock exchange trading market. In recent years, many companies with financing needs have issued stocks through the OTC market and applied for uplist a year later. The OTC market indeed is a short-term, low-cost, low-risk capital market.


One of the remarkable feature of the US capital market is that it is highly flexible and inclusive. It could provide various types of securities to meet diversified financing requirements of companies of different sizes and backgrounds.


Well-known domestic companies trading in the OTC market include: Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Tencent Holdings, etc.


The third step: Becoming listed company of main board.


The upgrade system of the US international capital market is very flexible. When the company performs its performance or meets the transfer conditions through mergers and acquisitions, the enterprise can complete the transfer within 90 days.

More than 30% of the companies that listed on the main board in the past few years was uplisted from OTC Markets. In 2017, listing companies in US main borad reached 160 while 63 of them are from OTC Marktes.


Zhou Haina: What is the listing requirement and uplist requirements?


Chen Bin: OTC Markets has the registered nature. As long as the company has a three-month business record and has a good business model project, the company can apply for listing, even its business statement shows loss is also suitable.


Requirements for uplist to NASDAQ and NYSE: 1) Business records for more than one year, 2) Shareholders' equity is at least $4 million US dollars, 3) Three market makers 4) Continuously maintain stock price of more than $4 US dollars for 90 trading days, 5) Choose one of three conditions: (1) annual net income of $750,000 US dollars (preferably more than $1 million US dollars), (2) market value of $50 million US dollars, (3) net assets of $5 million US dollars (cash plus fixed assets, etc.) .


Zhou Haina: Thank you for your wonderful sharing. I am also very pleased that Dongfangcity has the support from such a professional and successful team for its listing in United States capital markets.