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About AEEx

Asia Equity Exchange Group (AEEx) is a US-listed company that successfully entered into the U.S. capital markets in November 2013 which is under the supervision of US Securities & Exchange Commission regulation. The company's business mainly helps Asian companies to explore and enter the international capital market by providing a comprehensive advisory services. The AEEx platform operated by the Asian Equity Exchange Group Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the AEEx, is a service platform for enterprises to register as a member. It has become a incubator for quasi-listed companies and provides standardization and rationalization of information disclosure services to the member companies. Also, it arranges the investment and financial information matching services for the registered member companies and interested investment members. At the same time, AEEx also provides the member companies with a multi and diverse consulting service for international listing, providing reasonable and compliance listing proposal for member companies and systematic and normative consultancy service in the process of going public. Besides, AEEx can provide the referral of third-party professional service providers (eg, Legal Counselling, PCAOB auditors and other related agencies) required for international listing to the members.