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Company Profile

EFUN E Fun Play Group Co., Ltd.

Designed for companies with financial reporting problems to make the limited information they have publicly available. This category also includes companies that may not be troubled, but are unwilling to provide disclosure pursuant to AEEx disclosure rules.。
EFUN Company Name:E Fun Play Group Co., Ltd. Company Name Shorthand: E Fun
Director: HUANG QING HUI Date of Incorporation: 2018-03-19
Business: Social and cultural studies;Technology intermediary services;Other technical promotion services;Other unlisted technology promotion and application services;Conference and exhibition services;Packaging services;Advertisement design, production, agency, release;Education consulting (excluding education training and overseas study intermediary, consulting and other approved projects).
Main Business: Internet platform
Place of Registration: B.V.I
Date of Listing: 2018-03-19 Email: Industry: Computer programming, consultancy and related activities
Registered Capital:50000 USD Tel: 18959944821 Fax:
Company Profile:
E Fun Play (Xiamen) education technology co., ltd. was formally established in April 2016, located in Guanyinshan operation center of xiamen.Since its establishment,E Fun Play was invested by capital market with great enthusiasm because of its disruptive and innovational "Internet tourism education" business model,aiming to build an Ecological Big Platform for the study-oriented trips. By connecting with scenic spots, farmhouses, resorts and other outdoor activity bases around the country,Integrating into the professional mentor teams,importing high-quality resources,stringing related industry chain,E Fun Play want to revitalize scenic spots, resorts, farmhouse, tour around places such as training base;Research base construction and national policy complement each other,importing experiencing education and games into tour around places,sharing more social resources ,Let the youth experience in happiness and grow in experience.
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50.55 38.92 17.73 18.95 26.28 50.75 58.05 3.81 -48.29

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2018-03-21 Huoyanshan(Xiamen) Venture Capital Co. LTD. 89.1
2018-03-21 Xiamen Kedete Management Consulting Co. LTD. 9.9
2018-03-21 Xiamen Benzhiyuan Investment Management Co. LTD. 1
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Name Position Hold the Position Since
Huang Qinghui Executive Director and General Manager 2018-03-21
Xu Liuhong Supervisor 2018-03-21
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