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BPLUS Beautiful Plus Group Co., Ltd.

Designed for companies with financial reporting problems to make the limited information they have publicly available. This category also includes companies that may not be troubled, but are unwilling to provide disclosure pursuant to AEEx disclosure rules.。
BPLUS Company Name:Beautiful Plus Group Co., Ltd. Company Name Shorthand: Beautiful Plus
Director: LIU JIAN MING Date of Incorporation: 2018-03-19
Business: Engineering and technical research and experimental development;Other Internet services (excluding projects subject to licensing approval);Internet access and related services (excluding Internet cafes);Software development;Information technology consulting services;Information system integration services;Clothing wholesale;Data processing and storage services;Wholesale of textiles, knitwear and raw materials;Shoes and hats wholesale;Wholesale of kitchen, toilet utensils and daily groceries;Whol
Main Business: Internet platform
Place of Registration: B.V.I
Date of Listing: 2018-03-19 Email: Industry: Computer programming, consultancy and related activities
Registered Capital:50000 USD Tel: 18650338528 Fax:
Company Profile:
In current economic situation, the business of selling goods has been largely carved up by Alibaba and Jd.com. But the business of selling skills, products and service is still a blue sea. According to statistics from National Bureau of Statistics, the service industry has become the largest industry in China, accounting for more than 50% of GDP, and it will become the new engine driving economic growth. The stock market of beauty industry has exceeded trillion. As China's economy continues to grow and coming of consumer upgrades, it is indisputable that there is an enormous amount of imagination in the industry's incremental market. However, the beauty industry have long been criticized by people for the industry’s weaknesses of small, miscellaneous, disorder, scattered, and lack of trust. Due to the promotion, hire, lock, high rent, high investment and so on, the operation is difficult. How to solve the existing problems in the face of this huge opportunity? The answer is that the beauty industry must plug in Internet's wings...   The development and progress of the economy are essentially driven by scientific and technological progress and innovation. The reports of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China made it clear that, the path of supply side economy is the deep integration of Internet , big data, artificial intelligence and real industry. The popularization of mobile payment when going shopping, the convenience of non-ticket when taking train, the shared cycling everywhere when going outside, the innovation of business model for delivering meals to home directly, all of them are the specific embodiment of the policy. It’s a great convenience to people's daily lives, and also create countless wealth myth.   How to add value to offline industry by using Internet , big data and cloud computing, artificial intelligence is an great opportunity and mission by the era. In this historical background, the big platform of the ecological beauty industry 【Charm Plus】T naturally arises at the historic moment.  【Charm Plus】The operation subject of platform of beauty ecological industry is Xiamen Charm Plus Network Technology co., LTD, located in Xiamen, Fujian, which like spring all the year round and the new entrepreneurial hot spot.   The big platform of the ecological beauty industry is an innovation service platform based on Internet thinking and users’ scenario needs. It precisely connects people and service by S2B/B2C/C2C. It aims at providing users with more beautiful, happier, healthier and happier aspirations, and also gain more wealth in the blue sea in this trillion market.   In simple terms, our member users can quickly find cost-effective services through the APP of Charm Plus by users’ share and comment, business platform score system and high-quality businesses recommendation. At the same time, the platform is responsible for monitoring quality and effect of products and services, and is responsible for the satisfaction of users. Eventually it aims at reaching win-win situation for valuable business platform.
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50.55 38.92 17.73 18.95 26.28 50.75 58.05 3.81 -48.29

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2018-03-21 Liu Jianming 98
2018-03-21 Qiu Jianxiong 2
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Liu Jianming Executive Director and General Manager 2018-03-21
Qiu Jianxiong Supervisor 2018-03-21
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