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Company Profile

CHYGH Yunguhui Group Limited

Designed for companies with financial reporting problems to make the limited information they have publicly available. This category also includes companies that may not be troubled, but are unwilling to provide disclosure pursuant to AEEx disclosure rules.。
CHYGH Company Name:Yunguhui Group Limited Company Name Shorthand: Yunguhui
Director: Fang Xiuping Date of Incorporation: 2017-12-04
Website: http://www.yunguhui.com.cn/
Business: Design and development of software, game development, system integration, network engineering, design and development of network of enterprise informationization, web making, development and integration of communication system software, development and integration of automatic control system, development and sales of automatic engineering software, development, promotion and marketing of APP software, advertising.(projects which should be approved according to the law only can be operated after
Main Business: The docking between online promotion of enterprises and offline resources.
Place of Registration: Seychelles
Date of Listing: 2017-11-02 Email: 1803644257@qq.com Industry: Computer programming, consultancy and related activities
Registered Capital:USD$100000 Tel: 0556-5315118 Fax: 0556-5962118
Company Profile:
Yunguhui Group Co., Ltd. is an incorporation registered in Seychelles and has a wholly-owned subsidiary, “Anhui Yunguhui Network Technology Co., Ltd.”, in the Mainland China. For the main purpose of “Double Creating” program for serving small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), Yunguhui focuses on supporting business transformation and upgrading, investment and financing linkage, project incubation, company listing, brand and market promotion, and strives to build a most influential and cohesive development platform for double services with characteristics of new economy and practical contents of services based on actual demands of SME by combination of online resource platform connection services and offline project counseling.
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Net Income
Net Income Growth
Operating Income
Operating Income Growth %
50.55 38.92 17.73 18.95 26.28 50.75 58.05 3.81 -48.29

Financial Statements and Audit Reports

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Year 1st Quarter Report Mid-Year Report 3rd Quarter Report Yearly Report
Expiration Date Shareholders Percentage Held(%)
2017-12-04 Fan Zhenbao 53
2017-12-04 Huichuang International Limited 16
2017-12-04 Huibang International Limited 16
2017-12-04 Huijin International Limited 10
2017-12-04 Huiyang International Limited 5
Name Position Hold the Position Since
Fan Zhenbao Chairman of the Board 2017-11-02
Wang Lubing Vice Chairman of the Board 2017-11-02
Zheng Qingsheng Vice President 2017-11-02
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